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This type of soy sauce combines its benefits with those of wheat, giving rise to a product of great therapeutic qualities.

Tamari-shoyu Mimasa

MIMASA's organic tamari-shoyu is imported from the island of Shodo, where it is manufactured using only traditional methods handed down from generation to generation. It is a type of soy sauce that, in Japanese cuisine, is as common as rice.

The manufacturer of Tamari-Shoyu BIO MIMASA has been run by the Uematsu family for 4 generations since 1932.

99% of the tamari-shoyu sold worldwide is manufactured using modern, industrialized methods. Many of these soy sauces contain ingredients that are not traditionally used such as colorings, preservatives, and other additives. Instead, MIMASA's organic tamari-shoyu ferments in cedar barrels for a period of 18-24 months.

Quality guarantee

MIMASA only markets natural soy sauces, traditionally made through a process that results in a product of exceptional quality and aromas. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in its production, without chemical products.

Natural tamari-shoyu is obtained through a fermentation process, starting from whole soybeans and whole wheat, to which water and salt are added. Hence the great qualities of MIMASA's organic tamari-shoyu: it contains the 9 essential amino acids and acetic acid, which inhibits pollution and helps overcome fatigue in the body.


On the other hand, unnatural tamari-shoyu, in addition to being made from chopped soy beans or soy flour that alter its intrinsic quality, has a high content of oxalic, formic and levulinic acids. These acids precipitate minerals in the blood and internal organs, causing acidity and dilation of the stomach and liver, which inhibits the digestive process and acidifies the blood.

  • Energy-kJ 264
  • Energy (kcal) 62
  • Fat (g) 0,1
  • - Saturated (g) 0,0
  • Carbohydrate (g) 6,2
  • - Sugars (g) 0,0
  • Protein (g) 8,8
  • Fibre (g) 0,7
  • Sodium (g) 4,81
  • Salt 12,04

The chemistry of tamari-shoyu is as complex as the organic processes that take place during the fermentation process. Various microorganisms are generated from these organic processes and can positively influence human metabolism. Tamari-shoyu helps our digestive system, sterilizes us against organisms that are harmful to our health, and can help acidify other foods.

The same enzymes that work on wheat and soybeans during fermentation become important and active digestive agents when they enter the human body. In addition to its inherent digestive properties, tamari-shoyu also serves to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices in the stomach. Since the enzymes in tamari-shoyu are organic substances resulting directly from natural and traditional fermentation processes, they are not present in commercially produced soy sauce.

Tamari-shoyu also prevents the spread of bacteria. This antibacterial quality is created from the three elements in soy sauce: salt, acid from lactic bacteria, and alcohol from yeast. Dishes cooked with soy sauce are not only tasty, but they also stay fresher longer, because natural tamari-shoyu helps preserve food.

By adding MIMASA's organic tamari-shoyu  to food, we balance its pH and, consequently, we perceive it tastier. In addition, it guarantees the contribution of salt in diets based on cereals and vegetables. As a condiment, a small amount (the equivalent of one teaspoon per person) is enough to enhance the flavor of the dish. For cooking meat or fish it can be used as a substitute for oil, although using more than this.

Likewise, it can substitute for salt, dressing vegetables or salads or even in cooked dishes. Excellent pickles or pickles are also prepared using MIMASA's organic tamari-shoyu instead of salt. Dressing a little MIMASA's daikon (Japanese turnip) or raw grated turnip, you get a very effective preparation to overcome heavy digestions or to eliminate mucus from the whole body. Adding a few drops of MIMASA's organic tamari-shoyu to a cup of MIMASA's kukicha tea will overcome states of fatigue, because it alkalizes the blood. Adding it to MIMASA kukicha tea that has been boiled together with a MIMASA's umeboshi plum, it effectively collaborates in the digestive and liver processes.

Water 53%, organic soy 19%, organic wheat 16%, sea salt 12%, koji seed (Aspergillus orizae) ˂0.01%

Bottle of 125ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 ltre

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