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AGAR AGAR in strips from UE 20g

AGAR AGAR in strips from UE 20g

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This seaweed guarantees us the recommended daily fiber intake, helping to regulate intestinal transit

Agar-agar is obtained mainly from the red algae Gelidium, collected in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a set of boiled and dried seaweed, delicious in the preparation of jellies with fruits, vegetables or legumes.

Agar-agar is very rich in soluble fiber and minerals, so it helps regulate intestinal transit, cholesterol, diabetes, and prevent overweight. It is very digestive and helps with bowel movements. It has very few calories and at the same time fills the stomach, which is why it is recommended in weight loss cures.

  • Energy-kJ 754
  • Energy (kcal) 188
  • - Saturated (g) 0.1
  • Fat (g) 0.5
  • Carbohydrate (g) 2.7
  • - Sugars (g) 0.5
  • Dietary fibre (g) 85
  • Protein (g) 0.5
  • Salt 0.45

Agar-agar contains 94.80% of soluble natural fiber, which is a higher quantity than the rest of the foods of plant origin. It should be taken into account that fiber-enriched foods (breads, cookies, breakfast cereals, bran, etc.) contain 6% to 45% fiber, and in dietary supplements, tablets and granules, this amount ranges from 20% and 80%.

The incorporation of MIMASA agar-agar in the diet provides us with the recommended daily fiber intake, which is 30 grams. Agar-agar does not contain sugars or fats and its caloric intake is zero. As it does not contain sugars or gluten, it is suitable for people with diabetes and celiac disease.

In addition to presenting numerous dietary benefits, agar-agar helps prevent overweight, since it does not provide any calories to the body and has a high satiating power; constipation, because it regulates intestinal transit and regenerates, while softening, the intestinal walls; and cholesterol and diabetes, since it reduces the absorption of cholesterol, fat and sugar in the body.

Once cooked, MIMASA agar forms a gel with a smooth texture that does not present any chewing or swallowing problems. For this reason, it is ideal for the elderly. Also, due to its ability to capture and maintain fluid ingested in diets, it prevents dehydration.

MIMASA agar-agar is used to give texture to any food, whether sweet or salty, forming completely transparent gelatins, without adding any flavor. It has a gelling power 10 times greater than gelatin of animal origin. In addition, it can be heated while preserving its texture and consistency (up to 85 ºC). Thus, it is ideal in cases of hot dishes where the gelatin is required to be heated together with the other ingredients.

Its preparation is very simple: you have to dissolve MIMASA agar-agar in a liquid (water, milk, juice, broth, etc.) and boil it for one minute, stirring until completely dissolved. The mixture is taken into a mold and allowed to cool to gel quickly.

We can choose the consistency we want by modifying the amount of MIMASA agar-agar that we add to the water. In this way, we will obtain a firm and consistent gelatin using more MIMASA agar, and a smoother and creamier one if we use less.

Red algae Gelidium, mainly

Container of 20g

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